SOLD! Piccolo for Sale - Dallas, TX USA - Tuesday, August 21, 2001
I have a plastic Gemeinhardt piccolo to sell immediately. I just got a new piccolo, so I don't need this one anymore. It still plays well, & it is in good condition. Comes in plastic case with cleaning rod. I am asking $250. Please contact me ASAP, preferably by September 1st...I have rent to pay ;) Call (214) 485-3474 & leave a message. Thanks!!
SOLD! Gemeinhardt Bass Flute: 20BSP - Vancouver, BC Canada Canada - Tuesday, August 21, 2001
Silver plated body, foot and keys. One owner ... maybe 40 hours of playing on it!! Excellent condition.
2 Flutes for Sale - Springfield, MO USA - Tuesday, August 21, 2001
I have two flutes for sale, both in excellent condition. One is a Gemeinhardt student silver-plated flute, and the other is a Jupiter intermediate flute. Great for the student who is low on cash. Not asking very much. Willing to haggle. Thank you very much!! =)
Lookin for a good flute URGENT - Glendale, CA USA - Tuesday, August 21, 2001
I need a second flute as soon as possible, mostly lookin for haynes and also powell and altus. I posted an ad before sayin that i am willin to pay up to 3000, but now i am willing to pay up to 6-7 thousand. I need a serious flute and it must offset with c#thrill. respond soon
Looking for yamaha 481 - Fort Collins, CO USA - Monday, August 20, 2001
I am looking for a yamaha 481 or 481h in moderate shape. Please email me if you have one you would like to sale. My name is Karla Holgers.
Wanted: Student Flute - London, AR USA - Sunday, August 19, 2001
I'm looking for a student flute in good condition. I know it's a little low, but I'm looking for one within the price range of $50 to $100. Please respond quickly!
Beginners' Flutes (3) - Hesperia, CA USA - Sunday, August 19, 2001
Selling three recent finds for beginners. Two Bundy II's and a no-name with a great tone. All in good, sturdy cases with cleaning rods. #1 Bundy is in great playing condition, nice sound ($85) #2 Bundy needs a bit of pad work ($80) #3 No-name is a lovely flute with a sweet tone and pretty case ($80)
Gemeinhardt Flute Exc. Cond - Seattle, WA USA - Friday, August 17, 2001
I have a beautiful silver plated closed hole flute for sale. I believe it is the equivalant to a 2SP, but it is an older model. It was my first flute, but I have not played in many years, and so would like to sell it. I had it appraised at a store and they said it was in almost perfect cond. This would make an excellent student flute, or poss. second. It is still in the case and has no dents, no dings, and the pads are still good. I am asking $225 obo plus shipping. You can contact via email, or call me at 206-365-9200.
Selmer Omega Gold MP - Hesperia , CA USA - Friday, August 17, 2001
Beautiful open-hole, low B foot solid silver Omega, engraved gold mouthpiece. Recent tech-adjusted. Comes in fleece-lined DOUBLE hardcase (fl/pic)with canvas zip cover. In marvelous like-new condition. Tone is pure, intonation accurate. Selling because my husband bought me a new flute. I have been most pleased with this flute and I hope you will love it as much as I have. Asking $925.00 or best offer. Would like to sell soon.
Wanted: Older Haynes flute - USA - Thursday, August 16, 2001
B foot, prefer closed hole

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