Zentner piccolo #4131 - grenadilla wood, sterling keys   flute-enthusiast@sbcglobal.net - Salem, OH USA - Friday, July 21, 2017
Zentner C piccolo - grenadilla wood with sterling keys. No cracks or repairs. Serial #4131 - late 80'2 early 90's. Handmade by Miles Zentner, piccolo player of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, from the pre-Roy Seaman days and before Gemeinhardt took over. Incredible easy playing from the low D to the high C with great intonation. Non-smoking home. Please email for pictures. $1900 OBO - all reasonable offers will be considered.
SOLD! Powell Sonare SP-500 Piccolo   flute-enthusiast@sbcglobal.net - Salem, OH USA - Friday, July 21, 2017
Wonderful original Powell Sonare SP-500 piccolo made in 2007. Powell headjoint, Odyssey polymer head and body, silver plated keys(no tarnish), original leather french case(place worn where there was a piece of tape) and Sonare monogrammed fleece-lined zippered outer case, Pads are in good condition. Includes original cleaning rod and paperwork. Plays great! Please email for pictures. $800 OBO - all reasonable offers will be considered.
Haynes Handmade B Foot Flute   nyc2sf2@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Louisville, KY USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Serial 44823, made in 1979 (the Golden Age of Haynes) with soldered tone holes, pointed arms and Eb roller, pitched at A=440Hz. Flute was made for Carl Bergner, principal flutist for the Hartford Symphony from 1950 until 1976 and chairman of the theory and woodwind department at the Hartt College of Music from 1950 until retiring from the school in 1995. The flute has traditional Haynes sound. Fully overhauled last year by JL Smith all tarnish removed; all pads replaced. Flute has been played professionally since 1979 1st by Carl then me in a broad range of styles. Asking $5,000
Roy Seaman Piccolo   will.hale789@gmail.com - Oxford, Michigan United States - Monday, July 17, 2017
Grenadilla wood head joint and body. Serial # 52XX. Solid silver keys. Split E mechanism. Speaks perfectly in all registers. Just professionally COAed and regulated. Classic Northwinds case with red interior and Caravallo case cover. email for photos or questions. $2295
Brannen 14k flute with great pedigree for sale   22klafinheadforsale@gmail.com - New York, New York USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2017
From the golden era of Brannen Flutes- #474. A steal at $21,000. 10k head - willing to sell for $18,000 without head or just head for $3000. Silver mechanism, inline g, felt pads for richer sound far away and better legato, no Brogger mechanism, so very light and much more comfortable to hold. Beautiful sound and response. Very special instrument previously owned by Principal Flute of Utah and then played at NY Philharmonic.
Henri Selmer paris handmade flute sterling silver   shirishmalhotra@gmail.com - London, London United Kingdom - Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Selling a recently repadded Henri Selmer Paris sterling silver flute, with beautiful pointed key arms. marked Argent on all joints. Beautiful flute for a player and collector. original case. 900 gbp obo
Beautiful silver Yamaha 894   louloucamila@yandex.com - USA - Monday, July 10, 2017
Purchased new in 2007, has not been played regularly since 2009. Overhauled in 2019, but has not been played at all since in perfect working condition! Sad to let go of this instrument, but want to find a new home where it will get played more often please bring this stunning instrument back to life! Purchase price $8,900, appraised at $5950 in 2010. Sterling silver, model 894, serial 52xxx, EC-style headjoint, in-line, open hole, soldered/undercut toneholes, B foot, C# trill key, split E mechanism. Please contact for more pictures and questions!
Pearl PF 765, Sterling Silver   kittengrams@gmail.com - Clawson, MI USA - Monday, July 10, 2017
Pearl 765 flute. MSRP $2,225. Open hole with sterling silver head joint, body, and foot joint. B foot. E mechanism. Silver clad keys. French style case with Pearl fleece lined carry cover. Good condition with some aesthetic imperfections.
Gemeinhardt Grenadilla piccolo 4WSSK   solidsilverflutes@gmail.com - Oxford, MI USA - Friday, June 30, 2017
Gemeinhardt Grenadilla wood Piccolo 4WSSK. Purchased from original owner and fully repadded and recorked returning it to original condition of 1990 by former Gemeinhardt flutemaker. Serial Number 38XX. No chips or cracks to the well seasoned Grenadilla wood. Solid Silver keys and mechanism. White gold springs provide fast action. Speaks beautifully in all registers. Made in USA. 1 Year warranty on mechanism. e-mail for pictures. $1295 + shipping/ins.
Vintage Muramatsu Silver Lip, excellent   lenabloch@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Brooklyn, NY USA - Thursday, June 29, 2017
Near mint vintage Muramatsu flute from the 60's, just serviced, but barely played previously, original Muramatsu pads, great condition, original cleaning rod and cleaning cloth, new, original hard case, case looks almost new if ever used. The flute is closed hole, offset G, C foot, overall nickel plated with solid silver lip. Serial number B12XX. It sounds gorgeous. Selling it because I've got an upgrade. I am a professional saxophonist, double on flute. Asking $860 + small shipping fee (depends on where to and what service).

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