Custom Haynes (2006) w/ C & B Foot, C# Trill  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado United States - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Fabulous! This flute has a gorgeous sound, great response & smooth key action. Silver head, body, foot, keys & mechanism, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, soldered tone holes, 14K riser, C Foot & B foot. It has just been serviced & is in excellent condition including finish & pads. A=442. Can be paired with the gold Haynes headjoint (see separate ad) for a beautiful sound. New, a comparable model would be $16,000+ w/ all the extras. Asking $8450 plus shipping. We offer trials & accept all major credit cards/Paypal. Money Back Guarantee. ALL questions are always welcome: (970) 689-5671
Yamaha YPC-82 w/ Two Headjoints-Excellent!  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
This pro. handmade piccolo has been well-cared-for, is in excellent condition (including the pads), & plays beautifully from high to low with a light touch (please feel free to request a video). Grenadilla body, silver head, split-e mechanism & undercut tone holes. Comes w/ slimline case & a cleaning rod. Please click on the "photos" link to see this and other piccolos. This model sold new for $3800 at on-line discounters. Asking $2495 plus small shipping fee. We accept Paypal & all major credit cards. Trial/Layaway options. Questions are always welcome. Email/call (970)689-5671
Gemeinhardt KG Special - New Pads!  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado United States - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Made in the USA back in the good ol' days! Nice quality. I look at many Gemeinhardts to find one that plays evenly in all registers like this one. Silver head with a gold-plated lip. Silver body and foot, open-holes, B foot. Recently completely overhauled by my tech. Plays beautifully from high to low with a light touch. Comes with original slimline case, outer case, cleaning rod and removable plugs for the holes. Please feel free to ask questions. I'm happy to help you find a flute that meets your needs and your budget. Credit cards and Paypal accepted. (970) 689-5671.
Armstrong 104 Beginner Flute -MINT  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado United States - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
I acquired this flute, in mint condition, from a local store that sold it at close-out pricing, & so I can pass on the savings. Sells new online for over $1000. Asking $550. It was recently checked over by my trusted tech. & then thoroughly play-tested by me. This would make a great starter instrument or a back-up flute for a more advanced player. All registers play evenly, and it has great response. Silver-plated, offset G and C foot. Comes w/ a case and cleaning rod. Please feel free to email or call (970) 689-5671 w/ questions. I'm glad to help you find a flute that fits your needs.
Muramatsu Platinum-Clad PTP - USA - Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Fully functional Muramatsu Platinum-Clad PTP Flute and in perfect working condition.Asking $8500
SOLD! Zentner Grenadilla wood Piccolo - Oxford, Michigan United States - Saturday, December 09, 2017
Zentner Grenadilla wood Piccolo. This is a fairly early Serial Number #16xx (c. 1989) when the long time LA Phil piccolo player, Miles Zentner was collaborating with Roy Seaman in his shop in the Southwestern USA. Fully repadded and overhauled. The mechanism has also been replated so it looks exactly like the day it left the Seaman shop (no minor scratches) and has a 1 Year Warranty. Standard E key. Copper-Berylium springs.Plays evenly and easily in all registers from low to high. No cracks or chips. Original Northwinds case and Cavallaro case cover. $1995 + postage/ins.
Wm.S.Haynes Sterling Silver Db Piccolo - Oxford, Michigan United States - Saturday, December 09, 2017
Hand crafted Sterling Silver. Serial # 15xxx (c. 1931) Completely overhauled with new Pisoni Deluxe Luscen pads and new corks by Brian Bertrem in Elkhart, Indiana. This may be one of the last Db piccolos made by Haynes Makes playing Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever with a concert band easy for an Orchestra player. New Northwinds/Haynes case in Royal blue, cleaning rod and new Altieri padded case cover. 1 Year Warranty on parts and labor. 10 Money back try-out period. $1995 +postage/ins.
Miyazawa 14k Gold Headjoint with Platinum Riser - Omaha, NE USA - Saturday, December 02, 2017
*Pictures Available Upon Request* This Miyazawa head joint is a beautiful MZ-10, 14k gold body and lip plate, with a platinum halo riser. It is in pristine condition. The MZ-10 is described by Miyazawa thusly, "Allows the player to put a fast airspeed through the flute, achieving a rich and powerful sound. Characterized by plenty of lower partials anchoring the sound with a full harmonica spectrum. Flexible and responsive with a wide range of tonal and color possibilities." This exact head joint sells for $9700, brand new. Asking $7250
Nagahara FULL CONCERT model 950 sterl silver - Joensuu, Finland - Thursday, November 30, 2017
Nagahara Flute #1025 FULL CONCERT 950 silver body w/ sterling mechanism Open, Inline, B-foot, A=442 0.018, TRIAD V3 Pads HJ #FC-161: All silver, A cut, 0.018. comes with extraheavy locking crown. wearless mechanism 2, split e and nagahara pinless mechanism. the second headjoint is also sterling silver plus it has a 14 k riser. please contact me for pictures and more details. shipment from europe.
Handmade & Unique Sankyo Prima 5k Gold Flute - Omaha, Nebraska USA - Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Handmade-Professional Sankyo Prima 5k Gold Flute w/ Sterling Silver Keys, serial #82601. All bells & whistles + some! A=442,Open Hole, Off-set G, Split E Mech., C# Trill, Angled-Cluster (Ergonomically Better) B foot w/ Gizmo & Double Rollers on D#, C# keys w/ larger key area-betters right-hand position. 5k Gold Rings, Ribs & Posts, Sankyo patented cork system in headjoint. A gem! Extremely secure pitch & an immediate response. Fluid & fast mechanism. Gorgeous sound & overtones! An equivalent of this flute is no longer made. Selling one of my two handmade flutes-No need for two. $17,000

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