Wm.S.Haynes Sterling Silver - Commercial  will.hale789@gmail.com - OXFORD, MI United States - Saturday, February 15, 2020
Sterling Silver Commercial Model. Serial # 185xx (c.1947). Fully overhauled by Brian Bertrem with Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads, new corks and felts. Once again plays like it did the day it originally left the Boston, Massachusetts shop. Solid silver Heavy wall provides that classic Haynes sound. Head Joint is off of #0 mandrel and is marked accordingly. Closed holes. C foot. Offset G. One year warranty on parts and labor. A=440. . Minor scratches. Silver tenon covers. New Haynes/Northwinds case with Burgundy interior, wooden cleaning rod, used Cavallaro case cover. $2095 + $30 shipping
Closed hole handmade Haynes-attractive price  raananeylon17@gmail.com - Stuttgart, BW Germany - Friday, February 14, 2020
Played very little after overhaul by Kenji Abe. Soldered toneholes,mech. E SN 46XXX from 1982, C foot D# roller key,A=440.Lipplate has wings added by Mehnert.Can show and play on Skype or FB Messenger.Would prefer to sell in Europe.Sell for 2250$.
Haynes Open Hole Silver Flute  dpodolka@aol.com - Northville, Michigan USA - Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Haynes Open Hole B foot Inline . Light weight yet not in sound. A rich tone. - Felt pads. Ex. Cond. Luke Penella of NYC is the ONLY repair master on this flute. -Overhauled .#42247
Closed Hole Haynes  dpodolka@aol.com - Northville, Michigan USA - Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Just overhauled Haynes Closed Hole C foot-Felt Pads-. Nice rich tone.- New wood case. - $3,000 # 9632
Powell Singnature Flute  flutist32@gmail.com - Duluth, Georiga USA - Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Features: offset G, b foot, open hole, steriling silver body tubing, sterling silver handcut powell signature headjoint 2, straubinger pads and G disc. condition: clean used: 2 years Asking 5,000.
1895 solid silver Louis Lot flute  sunt2k@icloud.com - New York, New York USA - Saturday, February 01, 2020
Beautiful tone from a beautiful Louis Lot silver flute, built in 1895. Listing has been updated with recent photos (flute has tarnished a bit since the other high-resolution photos were taken). I've opted not to have the tarnished silver buffed. I play this flute in my chamber music group and a few jazz groups. Period case is original with the dark purple padding and functional key. Case cover is from a 1954 Haynes flute case. Lip-plate and body are hallmarked with maker's marks and boar heads to denote silver content (95% solid French silver). $8500 For photos, email: sunt2k@icloud.com
Haynes open hole C foot 1950 silver flute  sunt2k@icloud.com - New York, New York USA - Saturday, February 01, 2020
Selling my original Haynes open hole C foot 1950 solid silver flute inline G drawn tone holes. Pads are in excellent condition. Keys are tight and have no horizontal motion. I have opted not to have the tarnish removed to preserve the original condition of the tubing and keys. Sounds is all Haynes :) $2000 For photos, email: sunt2k@icloud.com
William Haynes alto flute 1952 silver  sunt2k@icloud.com - New York, New York USA - Saturday, February 01, 2020
William Haynes alto flute 22395 from 1952. Headjoint hallmarked "Sterling" Pads replaced in 2018. Original case works. Mechanism is flawless; no key play. No dents or damage. Tone is amazing. Email for pictures: sunt2k@icloud.com $9000
Yamaha Alto Flute A421 w/ Curved Headjoint  apodaca3@gmail.com - Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Saturday, February 01, 2020
My trusted technician has just finished working on this beautiful gold/brass Yamaha alto flute with a curved headjoint (~400 worth of work including thorough cleaning, adjustment, and several new pads). It plays beautifully with a rich tone and great response! Comes with slimline case, outer carrying case and cleaning rod. This sells new for $6500.00+ with the curved headjoint. Asking $5100 plus shipping. Please visit the link above to see detailed description. Photos coming soon. As always, feel free to call (970) 689-5671 with any questions.
SOLD! David Williams- Gary Schocker flute headjoint  emilio@emiliogalante.com - Photos / Website - Trento, Outside US/Canada Italia - Friday, January 24, 2020
This is literally a one of a kind headjoint. It was created by David Williams for the great Gary Schocker. For this particular headjoint the tubing was made in brass and the lip plate and riser in solid silver. There are very few brass headjoint in the series. Previous owner of this one was Gary Schocker. He sold to me two years ago. The sound is heavenly, reminiscent of vintage French flutes, with a much easier response. There is the sense of the whole tube resonating, not just the lip plate. It fits a vintage handmade Haynes or Powell perfectly or any .014 wall flute. Asking 1300$
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