Powell Conservatory Flute Offset  michaelpstraw@gmail.com - Nashville, TN United States - Sunday, June 16, 2019
Powell Conservatory Solid Silver 2008 Upgraded with Straubinger pads three years ago and just had a COA. Offset, C# Trill, B Foot, Drawn tone holes. Philharmonic cut headjoint. New was a little over 10k. Asking $6,000.00. One week trial available. Message for photos.
Yamaha 481 Flute - Freshly Serviced, LIKE NEW  flutebyjaclyn@gmail.com - Photos / Website - LAWRENCE TWP, NJ United States - Wednesday, June 12, 2019
This Yamaha 481 sterling silver flute is in LIKE NEW condition! Not a scratch or scuff on this beautiful instrument. It's stamped "Made In Japan" implying that it was likely manufactured roughly 10 years ago. We believe this was an overstock instrument that was never owned. It needed a few tweaks upon arrival at our office, but now that that's been done, it's playing perfectly, high to low! $1395 - A great price for an excellent quality flute, perfect as a step-up/pre-professional instrument & ideal for a doubler! Will ship following full payment w/ return policy to allow for trial. Thanks!
Giardinelli GFL-300 Silver-Plated Flute  apwsale@yahoo.com - Photos / Website - Mesa, AZ USA - Saturday, June 08, 2019
Bought this flute new on 2/17/19. It is still like new as it is only 3 months old. Perfect condition still. My daughter is trying to upgrade to an expensive Yamaha model so we are selling her other brands.
Zentner Grenadilla wood Piccolo  will.hale789@gmail.com - OXFORD, MI United States - Friday, May 31, 2019
Serial # 22xx. This piccolo once again produces the beautiful sound that Miles Zentner was looking for. Completely overhauled with Roy Seaman pads and new corks by Brian Bertrem in Elkhart, Indiana. Nickel-steel mechanism has just been replated and like the day it left Roy Seaman's shop. Traditional E/G key. One year warranty on mechanism. New Northwinds case with bright red Roy Seaman interior. Cleaning rod and new Caravallaro style padded case cover. 10 day money back tryout period. Buyer pays postage/insurance. e-mail me for pictures or questions. $2395+postage/insurance.
Powell Sterling Silver Handmade Conservatory  daisyjxu@gmail.com - Portland, Maine USA - Thursday, May 30, 2019
Sterling silver, C# trill, In-line G, B foot joint, Philharmonic cut headjoint, A-442. Manufacture date 03/2010. This is a single owner flute and has been maintained in excellent condition. Pads in great condition, keys move freely Recently cleaned, minimal cosmetic tarnishing. $4500. Listed at 50% of what the flute was originally paid for, and is perfect for someone looking to upgrade to a professional model at an unbeatable price. Please email for pictures or any questions
Powell Signature flute  litosantosmusic@gmail.com - Lima, Peru - Monday, May 27, 2019
Powell Signature Flute Sterling Silver Body and Mechanism 442 pitch, B foot with gizmo Off set G keys, French cups with an "S" style headjoint, E facilitador, manofacture date (2008) Price $5000 USD. Need overhaul. send me email for pictures and more info.
Miguel Arista (MSA) Headjoint #268  powell410@yahoo.com - Photos / Website - Oakland, CA United States - Friday, May 24, 2019
Silver tenon, lip, and crown with 14k "halo" riser (gold extends into the lip plate slightly), .014". Never has been resized, in new condition. I bought it for a vintage Powell but sold the Powell and no longer need this head. $2,100.
Tutz Grenser 8-key classical flute 415/430  kelly.nivison@gmail.com - RALEIGH, NC United States - Thursday, May 23, 2019
A lovely 8-key Grenser by Tutz with keyed joints for both 415 and 430. In grenadilla with faux ivory rings. No chips or cracks. All pads recently replaced with real leather. I do not know the age of the flute because I purchased it used in 2014. These flutes are no longer made. Asking only $3200. 7 day trial with payment.
Polak Beukers baroque flute in boxwood 415  kelly.nivison@gmail.com - RALEIGH, NC United States - Thursday, May 23, 2019
Lovely Boxwood Beukers flute by Simon Polak. In good condition with original case roll. Pitched at 415. Nice small hand stretch and good intonation. This flute new is $1850. Asking only $1500 - reduced now to $1300! 7 day trial with payment.
Haynes handmade #26788  emifluto@gmail.com - Photos / Website - Trento, Italy - Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Haynes "golden age" flute from 1957: silver headjoint, body and keys, soldered tone holes, French pointed arms, open hole, inline, C foot. Mechanic in very good shape, with a new cork. The flute was recently completely overhauled and cleaned. Like new! The flute plays very well as you hear on the video! More photos on request. $3500.00
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