Altus 907 Flute - Huntsville, AL United States - Sunday, February 24, 2019
Altus 907 flute with sterling silver headjoint with 14k gold riser. Split E mechanism. Asking $2000.00 and no less. If you want photos email me.
Heritage Alto Flute - Huntsville, AL United States - Sunday, February 24, 2019
Heritage Armstrong alto flute in G. Two headjoints. Plays in tune and bas a great tone. The outer shell of the case lost both zippers but the flute itself is fine. looking for no less than $1250.00. If you want photos just email me and I will respond.
Wm.S.Haynes Handmade In Line B ft - OXFORD, MI United States - Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Serial #44,xxx B foot. In Line G key. Open holes. Standard wall .016. Pointed key cups. Soldered tone holes where each hole is individually positioned for optimal intonation and voicing. Hand cut head joint. Originally built in Boston, MA circa 1979. Just COAed and set up by Brian Bertrem. Recently repadded and is in fantastic shape. Only play tested since COA and was played little before that. Few if any scratches. No dings or dents. New Haynes/Northwinds case with royal blue interior and cleaning rod. New Altieri padded case. 1 year warranty on parts/labor. 10 day money back trial.
Rudall Carte Wood Flute  Photos / Website - Sebastopol, CA USA - Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Beautiful Rudall Carte cocus wood flute for sale. Closed hole, C foot, original Rudall Carte case, Cavallero cover. Overhauled by Gary Meierhenry. Sounding length measures 23 5/8" = 60cm. Plays well at A-440. $3750. Five day trial through Excellent condition! (see photo)
Gemeinhardt Solid silver 3OSB - Step up level - OXFORD, MI United States - Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Perfect for your talented advancing student on a budget. Solid silver flute - all three pieces for an immediate improvement in tone over silver plated flutes. Ergonomically friendly Off set G key. Open holes (but set of plugs included). Low B foot with high C facilitator Gizmo key. New top level Pisoni pads makes this overhaul better than then when it originally left the Elkhart, Indiana shop. Original Gemeinhardt hard case and original padded Gemeinhardt padded zipper cover. 1 Year warranty. 10 day money back tryout period (buyer pays postage)
All Silver Altus OPEN G# flute 8000$ - New York, NY USA - Sunday, February 10, 2019
Dear flute colleagues, id like to sell my altus a.l. model all silver open g# flute for only 8000$. if you arent familiar with this system, plz google it. thiss the same flute model used by the great flutist denis bouriakov. i bought this flute at the recommondation of denis, and i played it along side him at the metropolitan opera. ideally,this flute is beneficial for you, if you are either looking to study with denis bouriakov, or william bennet. they use this open g# system. i bought this flute for 8500$. im offering it for 8. plz contact me if youre interested. m. khoury
Rudall Carte Ebonite high pitch great cond. - Kirchentellinsfurt, BW Germany - Thursday, February 07, 2019
This flute received a great overhaul not too long ago and plays with ease.It seems to play around 444-446 with an external metal HJ.The bore will take only the narrowest of metal HJs,the original HJ is nothing to write home about.Can show and play on Skype.I have seen these advertised for 1500-2100 GBP.I will be happy with less.I need money to overhaul old flutes and add modern lipplates to HJs with potential.
L.L. Lebret closed hole #1160 from 1897 - Kirchentellinsfurt, BW Germany - Wednesday, February 06, 2019
Fine cosmetic condition for age,fine mechanical condition,needs full repad. Those notes that do play with less leaking hint at a flute with an incredibly innocent and sweet sound.Lipplate has been changed to a modern lipplate by Mehnert at substantial cost. Can show on Skype.
Haynes Db Flute 5174 needs repadding - Kirchentellinsfurt, BW Germany - Wednesday, February 06, 2019
Silver,rolled tone holes.C foot joint has been repadded.The foot joint interchanges with B foot joints from modern Hayneses.475$ plus shipping and PayPal or Bank transfer.
Haynes Handmade French Flute c.1954 - Astoria, NY USA - Tuesday, February 05, 2019
Gold age (1954) Haynes Handmade open holed flute. C foot. Soldered tone holes. Was re-added in 2012 and lightly used. In VG condition. No major dings or scratches. Centered, clear, even sound in all registers. Original case. Pictures on request. $2600