Powell Headjoint   penelopedowneast@gmail.com - Blue Hill, ME United States - Thursday, May 10, 2018
Powell, silver tube with gold lip plate, came with flute # 6435, mid 70's, excellent condition. Beautiful, mellow sound. $2,000
Brannon Bros Headjoint   penelopedowneast@gmail.com - Blue Hill, ME United States - Thursday, May 10, 2018
Silver tube, 14K riser, .014, modern cooper system, #94115, 1994, excellent condition. Beautiful sound, played for years. $1,500. photo on request
Pearl 885 - Gold-Plated, Closed Hole, B Foot   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado United States - Monday, May 07, 2018
Gorgeous Pearl 885 handmade professional flute. Very similar to newer Cantabile 8800 (only a couple of minor changes have been made). Excellent condition (including pads), newly professionally serviced. Plays beautifully, and has a unique/colorful tone quality! Heavily plated with gold, offset g, closed hole, split-e, pointed arms, b foot. New, the comparable 8800 sells for over $10,000. Asking $4950. Money back guarantee. Trials welcome. For more information, please click on the link above. Questions are always welcome. (970) 689-5671.
Powell Commercial Model Flute 1929 #96   sher_bo@hotmail.com  Photos / Website - Salida, CO USA - Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Flute completed in 1929, has had 2 owners and was meticulously cared for. Closed hole, C foot, offset G, C3 trill, scale A = 440. Was overhauled approximately 3 years ago to sell, has not been played since overhaul. Has had a professional COA in 2018 to ensure everything is still good. Has been play tested. This flute has a lovely, full, enchanting tone. $6,000.00, free regular shipping in continental US. You may audition the flute for 5 business If it is not for you, simply return the flute at your cost, I will refund all but shipping. Case intact, but poor condition.
Yamaha 461 - Barely Used/ Excellent! Offset G   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado USA - Wednesday, May 02, 2018
This semi-professional flute looks as "new" as a used flute gets. Silver head, body, foot. Offset G. Pads are excellent. My tech. has just gone over it and done some fine tuning. Plays perfectly in all registers. Comes with original slimline case, outer carrying case, removable plugs for the holes and a cleaning rod. Comparable model 482 sells for over $2100 at online discounters. Asking $1250 plus shipping . Trials welcome. Money back guarantee. Email or call (970) 689-5671 anytime with any questions. I'm happy to try to help you find the flute that meets your needs and your budget.
Pearl Alto Flute w/ Silver Head(Barely Used)   apodaca3@gmail.com  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, Colorado United States - Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Gorgeous, barely used Pearl PFA-206U alto flute with straight silver headjoint and silver-plated body. One owner, well-cared for and hardly played. Excellent condition including the pads. This flute sells new for over $2300. Asking $1850 plus reasonable shipping fee. Trials welcome! Money Back Guarantee. Please visit the link above for more information, and feel free to call or write with questions any time. (970) 689-5671
AD Geoffrey Guo silver flute headjoint   jonathanhein@hotmail.com - Saint Paul, MN United States - Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Silver, handmade headjoint by Geoffrey Guo, approximately 15 years old but in like new condition, including a new headjoint cork just installed. This headjoint is slightly on the conservative side with a warm, rich sound. Beautiful option for any flute! $500. Contact me if seriously interested and we can work out details for a trial.
Roy Seaman Piccolo - Overhauled   will.hale789@gmail.com - Oxford, Michigan United States - Saturday, April 21, 2018
Roy Seaman Piccolo. Grenadilla wood. Solid silver keys. Split E. Copper-Beryllium springs. Conical bore. Seaman scale. A=442. Serial #47XX. No cracks or chips. Made in USA. Quick even response in all registers. High notes are incredibly easy. It has only had one owner before who used it very little as flute was not their main instrument. Completely overhauled with new pads ( original pads were replaced by Brian Bertrem. No cracks or chips. Original Northwinds case, cleaning rod, fresh cork grease, and new Altieri padded case cover with pocket. 10 day money back trial period
Yamaha 481II Flute - Freshly Serviced   flutebyjaclyn@gmail.com  Photos / Website - LAWRENCE TWP, NJ United States - Friday, April 20, 2018
Yamaha 481II flute, freshly serviced and is fully ready to play! Sterling silver head, sterling silver body, open hole, B foot- pads seal perfectly with a light touch. It has been thoroughly play tested (I play professionally). Comes with case and hole plugs. Will ship following full payment with 7 day return policy to allow trial period. Asking $1100 + shipping. Photos at above link. Questions welcome- Thank you!
Dirk F. Kuiper solid silver Boehm flute   m.flute.white@juno.com - Tenaha, Texas USA - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
This is a rare solid silver flute hand made in 1964 by Dutch flute maker Dirk F. Kuiper. This is an exceptionally fine, professional flute recently overhauled by David Chu. This is a standard Boehm flute pitched at A=440. It has closed key work to low B and a left-hand low C# key. Rollers on the D# key and the C# spatula. Currently fitted with an ebonite reform lip plate. The original silver lip pate comes with the flute. I am selling the flute for a Dutch friend who is the original owner (1964). This is a wonderful and unique flute. Contact me for photos. Michael White: 573-289-2733.

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