Rudall Carte Boehm wooden flute - Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina - Saturday, September 21, 2019
Rudall Carte #4078 wooden flute. B foot, Boehm system, open holes, extra keys, silver keywork. Recently overhawled and in playing condition. Superb instrument. Orginal case in good condition. Price U$S 4200.Pictures upon request
YAMAHA 874W wooden flute to low B - Catania, ITALY - Friday, September 20, 2019
Yamaha Wood Flute model 874W - Grenadilla wood headjoint, grenadilla wood body with sterling silver mechanism, pinned mechanism, French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, gold springs, (.016 standard) tubing, A=442, inline G (894) or offset G (874), split E mechanism (standard), B footjoint. Purchased in September 2018 and used at home only just for a couple of hours. The flute is in pristine condition with no scratches or other abnormalities. it comes with the original case and one year warranty from the manufacturer. Sell for 8000US$.
SELMER PARIS solid sterling silver flute - Catania, ITALY - Friday, September 20, 2019
Selmer paris flute, solid silver, body and mechanism, closed holes, offline G. All three pieces are stamped "Argent". Very low serial number 27-. Comes with original case. Asking 1000 US$ plus shipping cost.
Haynes HJ with 14K riser 0.018+ Mehnert wings - Stuttgart, BW Germany - Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Received this together with a golden age heavy Haynes flute,apparently this was acquired later from Haynes.In as new condition. Heavy wall-0.018 thickness,Mehnert wings turbocharge response-especially in the low octave.Sell for 1050$ including paypal and shipping cost.
Haynes Headjoint w/ 14K gold riser  Photos / Website - Waterloo, ON CANADA - Sunday, September 15, 2019
Almost new, and barely played. Asking $2000 CAD. Sterling silver tube, with a 14K solid gold riser. This hand-cut headjoint came with my recently bought Haynes Q2 flute, but Ive only played it twice. Bought fron Long-McQuade Toronto in March 2019. Mint condition.
Pearl Elegante Flute w/ C# trill & D# roller  Photos / Website - Waterloo, ON CANADA - Sunday, September 15, 2019
PEARL ELEGANTE (795 RBE CODA) FLUTE w/ 10K GOLD LIP-PLATE, C# TRILL KEY, D# ROLLER $3500 CAD OBO. Will ship safely. Last COA in August 2018. Features: 10K solid gold lip-plate and solid silver riser, Hand-cut silver Forza headjoint, Solid silver body, C# trill key, D# roller, Offset G with Split E, B foot joint, Drawn tone holes, Hand-finished, Comes with wooden case and cleaning rod, plush-lined case cover. Bought from Carolyn Nussbaum in Texas.
Powell 2100(handmade conservatory)Flute  Photos / Website - Austin, TX USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Just in! Powell 2100 Sterling Silver Flute only $4399! Wonderful Powell 2100 flute just in. It is solid sterling silver headjoint, body and key mechanism. Open hole, offset g, b foot, drawn tone holes, pointed key arms, standard tubing,gizmo key, g disc. Modern Powell Scale. Tunes to 442. It was built in 2001 and has been adult owned and carefully cared for. Servicing has been completed and it plays beautifully. The pads are in excellent condition and seal with no air leaks. The tonal quality is bold and colorful. It is a beautiful flute in great condition. Retail on this flute is $8600.
Dana Sheridan 19.5K Gold Headjoint for sale - Washington, D.C. USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2019
This beautiful Dana Sheridan head joint was bought new in 2017. It is 19.5k gold tube with 14k gold riser and lip plate. Dana Sheridan is a master craftsman known for his handcrafted flutes and especially his flute headjoints. Mr. Sheridan has retired recently, making these headjoints more coveted than ever. Asking $8,600 OBO.
Hand-made Powell Silver Flute - Livermore, CA USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Powell Sterling Silver Hand-made flute #7666. Made in 1989, heavy-wall (.018"), Inline G, Split-E mechanism, Soldered silver tone-holes, C# trill key, Pinless left hand, white gold springs, Modern Powell Scale A=442 with a Modern cut head-joint. Comes with a double case to hold both flute and a piccolo, with leather case cover. Last COA was August of 2019. Asking price $6800 OBO. E-mail for pictures and more information. Trials possible around the CA East Bay area.
Louis Lot Boehm Ringkey no. 962 from 1865 - Stuttgart, BW Germany - Friday, September 06, 2019
Cost me 2700 Euros-will sell for same price. Rare first generation Lot.Can show on Skype and play a few notes.This is a conical flute and the sound is sweet and on the smallish side,even though I was able to open up the sound in the 2 upper octaves. Maybe a repad will yield a bigger sound in the lows.There are a few recordings on YT with conical Lots from the same era-this is 962 made in 1865.Will play 440 easily with the HJ 4 mms. out,the computer's tuner showed up to 443 without the scale becoming wild.Feel free to ask questions.Photos a prob.-no cellphone,but Skype easily manageable.