18k White Gold David Williams Headjoint   joshjohnsonwoodwinds@gmail.com  Photos / Website - London, United Kingdom - Sunday, February 28, 2021
This is an absolutely stunning headjoint, one of very few headjoints ever made on earth with an 18k *white* gold tube; this particular alloy is 75% pure gold and 25% pure palladium; it has a 22k gold riser, 14k rose gold lip, and a solid 9k gold faceted crown. It has an incredible dynamic range and amazing fluidity through all registers, as one expects from a Williams head, but there is something incredibly special in the sound from the exotic mix of metals used in its creation. Asking $11,500/OBO.
Pearl Handmade Gold Flute #12   richlupo@hotmail.com  Photos / Website - Bradley, IL USA - Wednesday, February 24, 2021
9K gold headjoint, 9K gold body and foot with silver mechanism, pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, S2 pads (Straubinger-style pads), newly overhauled. French (open-hole) model, pointed key arms, .012 tubing, inline G, B foot joint. Beautiful hand-engraving on keys, lip plate, and crown. Custom made for and previously owned by Rhonda Larson. It can be heard on her CD, Free As a Bird. $13,900
Altus 1807AL   strm51@hotmail.com - NY USA - Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Altus 1807AL, handmade with special .946 Altus Silver Seamed Tube, .925 Sterling Silver Mechanism, SP-1 Springs, Soldered Tone Holes, French pointed keys, Straubinger pads, split-E, offset G, C foot. The tube of the Altus AL is made the same way the legendary Louis Lot flutes were constructed, producing a very open and deep vibrant sound. This flute has easy low and high octaves, and a fast mechanism. The C foot was a recommendation by William Bennett to further the ease of the low register and intonation. Purchased in 2007, I am the sole owner. $10,990 Contact me for more photos and questions
Brannen-Cooper Handmade 14k Solid Gold flute   dreiner2@yahoo.com  Photos / Website - Austin, TX USA - Wednesday, February 24, 2021
This Brannen-Cooper 14k Gold flute with sterling silver keys and mechanism, pitched at A=442, was crafted in 1981. It carries a very low, 3-digit serial number in the 100s. We believe that Mr. Albert Cooper himself handmade the silver lip plate and riser! There is not a mark on this unique instrument, which is a beauty to behold and would be incredible in the right hands. This flute was actually used by Brannen as a demonstration instrument at the National Flute Convention in 1981 and delivered to its one and only owner a couple of months later, who cared for it tenderly over the years. The owner logged very few hours of use. $36,888
Yamaha Alto Flute A421 Gold Brass   music4us77@gmail.com - SF Bay Area, CA USA - Friday, February 12, 2021
Yamaha YFL A421 Gold Brass Alto Flute. The Yamaha Alto is recognized for having a beautiful rich tone and excellent workmanship. Very little use. The Gold Brass is relatively light and has excellent projection. Recently serviced with excellent pads; plays with very smooth and quiet action. Very nice condition with silver plated keys and mechanism 100% intact. Includes original quality wood shell case and case cover. Photos available. $4,950
Mint Yamaha 677HCT Flute   dsjeep@hotmail.com - TULSA, OK United States - Thursday, February 04, 2021
Like new, Yamaha 677HCT fully loaded! Purchased 2 years ago. Very well maintained. Just back from COA (Carolyn Nussbaum Company - Dallas) .925 Silver Heavy Wall Body and Foot (.43mm), C# trill, Split E, B-foot, Staubinger Phoenix pads, Type am Silver HJ with gold plated Lip/Riser and gold plating inside tube. Asking $3699
Australian flute guild silver FH. gold riser   leopoldosolmayor@gmail.com - La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina - Monday, February 01, 2021
This is a headjoint made by John Lehnart # 277.Solid silver with 14 k gold riser. Bought from him in Buenos Aires some years ago.Original price was U$S 1500.00. Still keep receipt. On its behalf: it is a fantastic headjoint. Sorry to depart with, but must. Asking U$S1150.00
SOLD! Faulisi silver headjoiont   leopoldosolmayor@gmail.com - La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina - Monday, February 01, 2021
Salvatore Faulisi silver headjoint. Great condition. Very gently used.Asking U$S 950.00
Miyazawa MZ 10 .958 HJ .990 Silver Riser   fluteron@gmail.com - Monterey, CA USA - Saturday, January 23, 2021
MInt condition MZ 10 .998 silver .990 silver riser $825
Rudall Carte Wood Flute   bob@fluteplayer.net  Photos / Website - Sebastopol, CA USA - Friday, January 22, 2021
Beautiful Rudall Carte cocus wood flute for sale. Closed hole, C foot, original Rudall Carte case, Cavallero cover. Overhauled by Gary Meierhenry. Sounding length measures 23 5/8" = 60cm. Plays well at A-440. $3750. Five day trial through Escrow.com. Excellent condition! (see photo)