Custom Powell (1982) - Thin Wall, In-line G  Photos / Website - FORT COLLINS, CO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
This handmade professional flute is in excellent condition, including the pads. It comes with a Powell headjoint and/or a Koregelos headjoint. Custom handmade sterling silver Powell body, foot and mechanism (completed in 1982), open-hole, pointed key arms, b-Foot w/ gizmo, in-line G, soldered tone holes, Cooper Scale, thin wall .014" tubing, A=440. Asking $5950 for flute with Powell head, and additional $850 for the Koregelos headjoint. Trial, layaway, money back guarantee. Please feel free to write or call (970) 689-5671 with any questions.
Jupiter Prodigy w/ Curved Headjoint-Excellent  Photos / Website - Fort Collins, CO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
This was our youngest daughter's flute, and it was hardly used before she outgrew it! Plays beautifully and easily in all registers. Perfect for a younger beginner, or for someone who has shoulder/neck injuries. These flutes have been discontinued, but at one time sold new for $600 at online discounters. This one has been cleaned, oiled and adjusted and is in excellent condition with hardly any signs of wear. Asking $375 plus shipping. Click on the link above for more info and to see pictures. Trials and money back guarantee. Feel free to ask questions: (970) 689-5671
Sankyo Prima Artist-Offset G, Split-E, B Foot  Photos / Website - FORT COLLINS, CO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Well-cared for, and recently professionally overhauled handmade Sankyo. Unique and beautiful tone! Excellent shape for its age. Silver head, body, foot, keys and mechanism. Made in 1970s. A=440, offset G, split-e, Y arms, open-hole, B foot. Money back guaranteed. Similar new Sankyo 401 sells for over $9000. Asking $2700 plus shipping. Trials welcome. Follow link above to see this and other flutes for sale, and feel free to email or call me any time for any reason (970) 689-5671.
Miyazawa Gold Flute-Barely Used- Exceptional!  Photos / Website - FORT COLLINS, CO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Used for only a few months. Looks and plays like new! I can't say enough amazing things about this gorgeous instrument. 9K gold head, body and foot, 14K riser, full Brogger, soldered tone holes, offset G, C# trill, D# and C# rollers, B foot, platinum springs, Straubinger pads. MZ10 headjoint cut. With all of the extras, this flute would sell new for $27,595. Asking $18,500. Motivated seller is offering this at an amazing price. This is a steal! Please click on the link above for more details. Trials welcome. As always, feel free to email or call any time with any questions: (970) 689-5671
Mateki MO-061 Pro. Flute (optional headjoint)  Photos / Website - FORT COLLINS, CO USA - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
This beautiful pro. Mateki flute has been played sparingly by one professional adult. 14K Aurumite Powell Soloist Headjoint, .997 silver body & foot, .943 silver keys, soldered tone holes, offset G, b foot, A=442, modern scale. Workmanship is amazing on this flute. Plays beautifully! Valued at over $15,000 w/ all of the extras. Sadly the owner is in a hurry to sell. Asking $7000 plus reasonable shipping fee. Trial/Layaway options. Money Back Guarantee. Click on the link above for details/photos, and please feel free to email or call with any questions any time: (970) 689-5671.
Pearl ELEGANTE 795-RBE - Templeton, Ca USA - Saturday, April 04, 2020
Beautiful pearl elegante flute. i purchased this flute new a few years ago and played it a few times before i retired it. it had a coa before retiring. very nice condition. no issues to report. unable to upload photo, can email to you upon request. $1750 + shipping and ins.
SOLD! Haynes serial #33892 (1965)  Photos / Website - Trento, Outside US/Canada Italia - Friday, April 03, 2020
Golden age Haynes, solid silver, handmade closed hole, not commercial. Soldered tone holes, pointed arms, pointed key arms. This flute is in excellent condition for its age and was just serviced prior to sale. The pads were completely replaced two months ago. It has an offset G, closed hole, C foot. This is an outstanding flute that sounds incredible despite being 55 years old. A442, probably because made for european market: scale length from middle of the E hole to the middle of the B hole is cm 17,35. Haynes A440 made for US market in those years are longer, about 17,45. Asking 2000 euro
German Viento FL 300 RH - San Jose, CA United States - Tuesday, March 17, 2020
German professional flute with pure tone and easy playability. It is made with Sterling Silver (.925) on head joint, body and foot joint. Keys are silver plated with engravings. The flute is open holed, with a B foot, split E mechanism and an offset G key. Comes with a slimline case, outer carrying case, cleaning rod and rubber circles to block holes for beginners. No dents or damage. Bought new in 2013 but only used it for 2 years. Photos on request. Asking $1500 (negotiable)
SOLD! ND Lamberson flute - East Syracuse, NY United States - Sunday, March 08, 2020
ND Lamberson handmade professional flute #66. Excellent condition. Recently overhauled. Plays beautifully and evenly through all registers. Rich tone. Silver with gold lip plate. Open hole, soldered tone holes. B foot joint with low B gizmo. In line G. C# trill. Pointed key arms. Sadly can no longer play due to arthritis in hands. Asking $4,000 but will consider offers.
Yamaha 62 Piccolo-MINT  Photos / Website - Austin, TX USA - Saturday, March 07, 2020
If youre looking for a new condition grenadilla piccolo you could not find one in mintier condition than this one. Made of aged grenadilla Wood this lovely piccolo has silver plated mechanism, conical bore, split e mechanism, and an upgraded wave cut headjoint offering a more responsive sound. Very easy to play. Not a mark or sign of use. This piccolo was teacher owned and very well maintained. New this piccolo would cost you over $2600 with the wave upgrade. If interested contact me at or Trials available, financing options and credit cards accepted. Teacher referral Bonus program. 5 star g